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Can Ducks Eat Ginger? (Great Spice!)

Ginger is one of the most medicinal food in the world. It has a very strong fragrance and a very hot spicy taste. It was first used in India to fight a lot of diseases and afflictions. Ginger is literally called “the king of spices”.

Ginger also provides enough energy for us and keeps us healthy so we could perform our daily activities properly. You might ask: can ducks eat ginger?

The answer is yes! Ducks can eat ginger! It brings a lot of health benefits to ducks. It can improve digestion and make ducks more energetic.

Health Benefits Of Ginger For Ducks

Let’s look at the health benefits that ducks can get from eating ginger.

Ginger contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to ducks. There are many healthy effects associated with ginger including relieving cramps and pains, increasing energy level and reducing nausea.

Ginger helps ducks to digest food more easily, and keeps ducks glowing and healthy by making them more energetic.

This spice also ensures effective digestion and absorption of nutrients, minerals and other essential nutrients which are very important for every duck’s well being.

Ginger doesn’t just help in preventing painful bouts but also prevents any unnecessary damage to the digestive system of a duck due to pseudo-scalding (a condition where water trapped under feathers gets frozen or damaged) that may lead to impaction (a blockage causing discomfort).

The list of benefits continues since it has a strong anti-microbial effect on other species like bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses as it contains terpenes (also known as aromatics) which causes itchy rashes on contact especially if spread around or rubbed on skin or eyes as this can cause itching all over the body causing unsightly rashes.

It is also known for preventing infections in other organisms which means you can use high dosages without worrying about infections in your flock when using ginger regularly!

How To Feed Ginger To Ducks

It will not be difficult to introduce ginger as ducks love it. Just don’t give them too much at once, just sprinkle it on the feed so they can get the taste of it without any discomfort.

You can alter this by adding less or more depending on their appetites. To maintain and nourish the ducks’ good health, you can gradually add ginger to the feed, just increase ginger doses gradually to avoid seeing any adverse reactions.

What Spices Are Good For Ducks?

Spices are generally good for ducks as they improve their health, increase rumen’s fermentation and are rich in essential fats.

Here are some of the best that you can introduce to their diet:


Oregano is a good source of thiamine and an excellent source of manganese. It helps in treating fowl colic, worms, parasites and various other health issues. It also has anti-oxidant qualities that help in removing harmful toxins from the body. The leaves are good for treating various ailments. The essential oils are very beneficial to the birds and you can use them fresh or dried.


Coriander is an excellent source of fibre and vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2 and B5. It helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system of the bird. This green herb is also very effective in treating fowl colic. You can also feed them seeds from different varieties of coriander such as white coriander, pink coriander and black coriander just to name a few.


Cinnamon is a very popular spice among ducks and you can find them in a variety of different foods. Apart from the birds, it is also an excellent anti-oxidant that helps in fighting inflammation and disease. Feed them to your ducks as there are high levels of cinnamaldehyde in this herb, which is an anti-inflammatory compound.

Black Pepper

Black pepper has a variety of health benefits for the birds. It helps in regulating the body processes and maintains good health. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and is therefore considered to be very effective in treating various ailments in the bird.