Can Ducks Eat Spinach? (Great In Moderation!)

Spinach is considered one of the healthiest vegetables that we can consume, is packed with vitamins, a great source of magnesium, phosphorus, minerals, and is a very powerful antioxidant.

But is it that good for ducks too? Can ducks eat spinach and benefit from it the same as us? Yes, well, they can eat it, and enjoy the nutritional value, but the thing is, it’s not good for them to consume it in large quantities due to oxaline present in it, which, is linked with potential problems, especially in their eggs production. However, if you grow your own vegetables in your garden or have access to them, then there is no reason you shouldn’t let your ducklings enjoy some of it in moderation.

The Nutritional Value Of Spinach For Ducks

Photo by Nathan Nugent on Unsplash

Spinach can be one of the best green sources of energy which is good for any kind of bird to consume. It contains every essential vitamin, mineral, and calcium that is needed to keep a healthy body.

Spinach contains vitamins A, C, and K, magnesium and potassium (most of which most other vegetables don’t have in large quantities), while it’s similar to lettuce in its high levels of beta-carotene content.

As we mentioned earlier serving it in large amounts is not recommended due to the oxalic acid present in it, which can potentially lead to problems for ducks such as calcium deficiency. A great way around this would be to introduce spinach into your duckling diet in moderation and actually expose them to more than one type of vegetable as well because different vegetables contain different nutrients.

Can Ducks Eat Raw Spinach?

Ducks can definitely munch down on raw spinach.

Raw spinach is a great source of energy and will allow your ducks to increase their overall energy levels, which is what most duck owners want. You can simply chop up the spinach into smaller pieces for your ducks to eat and watch them enjoy themselves.

If you do feed raw spinach or any other type of vegetable make sure you wash it very well to remove any potentially harmful bacteria. An easy way around this would be to steam the vegetables for about 10 minutes until they are soft and serve them warm. This will not only remove any potentially harmful bacteria from your ducklings but also increase their appetites as well!

What Vegetables Can Ducks Eat?

Vegetables are almost always a safe bet for ducks

The most popular vegetable choices include carrots, celery stalks (celery), cucumbers, green beans, kale/collard greens, leeks/ onions, lettuce (romaine works particularly well because lettuce leaves don’t grow back after being eaten by birds), parsley, or parsnips (if using parsley make sure it is organic) and peas. Turnips, corn, sweet potatoes (yams), dark greens, and broccoli can also be fed to ducks.

And remember! There’s so much more to a plant-based diet for ducks than just “no pellets”. When feeding your duck or any bird a balanced diet of dry and moist food with plenty of green food sources in addition to your pellets it will not only help them nutritionally but also mentally because they will feel more content with what you give them. And believe me, whichever way you feed your ducks they will be affectionate!

What Should You Not Feed Ducks?

Not exactly everything that is good, or can be eaten by us, is also recommended for ducks.

Many things can be dangerous or deadly to the health of a duck, the list below of foods you shouldn’t feed to ducks is really just a guideline. You should always check with your vet if you have any doubts. But I advise you to avoid feeding them these!

What is the food to stay away from?

– Citrus Fruits: Due to their high acidic levels will cause problems to their digestive system.

– Raw rice: I advise to always give them cooked rice and not raw, it could ferment in their stomach.

– Chocolate: yes, you read it right, chocolate is bad for your ducks because it contains toxic elements (caffeine) for ducks.

– Coffee: I know, it’s a little bit harder to imagine that the duck could eat coffee, but you should avoid giving them any.

– Eggshells: It can be healthy, but that might confuse them and lead to a wrong behavior: eating their eggs after being laid.

– Sugary and/or Salty Foods: ducks have a very low tolerance for salt and sugar.

– Raw Meat/Fish: They can transmit disease and lead ducks to uncharacteristic behaviors like high aggressiveness, always give them cooked!


Spinach is good for ducks, it has a great nutritional value and they will for sure enjoy it!

Just remember that it’s good for them to be consumed in moderation, so be careful not to overdo it, just add a bit to their diet every now and then!


Photo by Daniel Zopf on Unsplash