Can Geese Eat Apples? (Yes! Lot Of Benefits)

The answer to that question is yes, geese can eat apples.

Apples are a great addition to their diet, they are a great source of energy, being rich in vitamins and minerals.

They are also a source of carbohydrates and they can be used to produce certain vitamin C and serve as a natural antiseptic.

So the next time you are at a farm and see geese, don’t be afraid to throw an apple their way!

Are Apples Good For Geese?

There are many benefits to adding apples to a geese’s diet, the fruit provides energy, vitamins, and minerals that are essential to geese’s health.

Apples are high in carbohydrates and a great source of fiber, providing essential nutrients that aid in digestion and the absorption of calcium, vitamin A and Vitamin C. This fruit is also rich in potassium and copper, which help to maintain healthy bones and teeth, also a great source of antioxidants, which can prevent damage to all cells throughout the body.

Apples are great for geese because they make the geese happy and energetic. They also provide nutrition that helps support healthy immune systems.

With that said, if you want your geese to eat apples for breakfast or dinner, you should cut them into small pieces before giving them to the birds as this will make them easier for them to swallow.

How To Feed Geese Apples

One way to feed geese apples is to place the apple in a small bucket of water and then let the bird eat out of the bucket. This ensures that the fruit is slightly moist when the goose eats it, which can help prevent any potential choking.

Another way to feed geese apples is by cutting them in small slices. When you cut the apple into slices, you should also slice them perpendicular to the apple so that your geese can eat with ease. Alternatively, you can also place small pieces of apple in a wire mesh cage and let the geese eat apples off the cage. Let your geese eat apples from the mesh cage until they are full.

A good way to keep your geese happy is by giving them fruit daily. However, it is important to make sure that you put the apple in water before doing so because this will ensure that your bird has a fresh drink. Because of their strong sense of smell and taste, it is best to feed your bird fresh apples because this will help them get their food right away when putting fresh fruits in the water for them.

Tips For Keeping Geese Healthy And Happy

It is important to keep your geese healthy because they can live a long life and are especially vulnerable to certain illnesses if they are not cared for properly. You should also make sure that you get your bird a good balanced diet. When a goose is not given sufficient amounts of food, it will usually start to look gloomy or angry. It is therefore highly important for you to provide fresh fruits for your goose when it needs these foods.

Clean their cage with disinfectant to keep bacteria away and make sure that they do not have any parasites as well. When cleaning your geese’s cage, it is also important to clean the brusher as well because you can use this as a means of exercise for your bird. Give your goose a wide range of food so that it does not start getting bored and this will help in keeping its health at the best possible level. Make sure that your goose does not suffer from boredom and make sure that you give it what it needs most, which are fruits.

Do not cram your goose into a cage that is too small as this can cause both physical and mental distress to the bird. It is best to leave enough space for the geese to stretch their wings and legs so that they are not cramped up in a small cage.

Get your goose ready for winter by providing ample dry food, especially if there is snow on the ground or if you are expecting cooler weather. Make sure that you keep your geese well wrapped up when it gets cold outside, as they need protection from extreme weather conditions and they will get cold easily if they stay outside for too long in chilly temperatures.

Make sure that you always feed them their daily meals at fixed times, as this will help them learn to eat at the right time and get used to it. Give them a little treat for eating their food and always praise them for this if you want to.


Geese can and should eat apples, it’s one of the best fruits to include in your geese’s diet. It is highly nutritious, contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and they are good for their digestive system.

They are also great tasting and make a good snack even for them!


Photo by Prasad Panchakshari on Unsplash

Photo by Kaleb Lovell on Unsplash