Can Pigs Eat Eggplants? (Is It Healthy?)

Can Pigs Eat Eggplants? Yes! They are not only safe for consumption but offer a nice health boost.

Eggplants are high in potassium, magnesium and vitamins B1 and B6. They also contain flavonoids that come with a laundry list of health benefits including antioxidant strength and anti-inflammatory effects properties.

Is Eggplant Good For Pigs?

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Eggplants are good for pigs. Actually, there are many benefits of eggplant for pigs. Eggplants are nutritious and provide several health benefits to your pets. If your pet is suffering from joint issues or inflammation, eggplants can help relieve their pain and discomfort because it contains anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in promoting cardiovascular health because it contains flavonoids that lower cholesterol levels.

Eggplants are an excellent source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. Soluble fiber forms a gel in the digestive system, contributing to healthy digestion by slowing down the absorption of fat and cholesterol, while insoluble fiber improves the overall health of the colon by aiding elimination and preventing constipation.

Eggplants contain nasunin, which acts as an antioxidant by helping to prevent or delay cellular damage from free radicals that can lead to cancer or heart disease. Nasunin is also known for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, eggplants have been shown to be effective in managing high blood pressure due to their ability to decrease high blood pressure-causing nitric oxide activity.

It’s important to know that this vegetable is good but only in moderation because it contains trace of alkaloids, which if consumed in large quantities can cause stomach upset since it’s toxic. But, despite this fact, eggplants are good for healthy diets as a source of antioxidants and a cholesterol-free staple.

What Vegetables Can Pigs Eat?

Vegetables, of course, are an essential part of the daily diet of hogs, here are some of the most nutritious:

1. Watercress: Watercress is known for being a great natural medicine herb that can help cleanse the liver, soothe indigestion stomach pain and detoxify the system. This herb is known to be a great appetite stimulant. Pregnant women should stay away from it as it can cause miscarriages.

2. Parsley: Parsley has been around since time immemorial, and is still used in many of our medicines today. It’s easily digestible, and provides excellent nutrition for your pet pigs.

3. Carrots: Being a member of the same plant family with sugar cane, carrots are also known to provide excellent nutrition for your pet pigs.

They’re loaded with Vitamin A and beta-carotene which is good for piggy’s eyes and health in general!

4. Beets: Another member of the same plant family as carrots, they’re also high in beta-carotene (good for piggy’s eyes!) and Vitamin C which is great for their health!

5. Cucumber: Cucumbers are very nutritious for both humans and animals alike. They’re loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and fiber which helps keep your pet pigs well!

6. Garlic: A member of the allium family, garlic is actually known to be a natural antibiotic, as well as being a powerful antiviral and antifungal agent. It’s great for helping to cleanse your pet pig’s liver and other organs.

7. Cumin: Cumin seeds are nutrient-loaded! They contain not only Vitamin B complex, but also high amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. These nutrients are perfect for strengthening piggy’s skin and nails!

8. Cilantro: Cilantro is a member of the mint family and is often used as a garnish – but man, does it have some incredible nutritional value! It’s loaded with Vitamin A and C, which are both good for piggy’s eyes.

What Pigs Shouldn’t Eat?

It is also extremely important to know what to avoid feeding to your pigs.

Here is a list of what you need to keep away from them:

– Citrus Fruits: Due to their high acidic levels will cause problems to their digestive system.

– Avocado: Avocado contains persin, which is toxic to pigs.

– Chocolate: yes, you read it right, chocolate is bad for your pigs because it contains toxic elements.

– Coffee: I know, it’s a little bit harder to imagine that the pigs could eat coffee, but you need to know that caffeine is considered toxic for them.

– Ivy: yes, even the beautiful flowers can cause problems if ingested.

-Apple seeds: yes, the seeds of apples can cause problems to your pigs, so try to remove them from your food before feeding them to your pigs.

– Tomatoes leaves: they contain a toxic substance called alkaloid tomatine, which is also toxic for some animals.


Eggplants are perfectly fine for pigs, if fed in the right quantities. They are rich in vitamin C, protein and soluble fiber which is necessary for their digestive system.

Many pig farmers feed them along with other fruits to their pigs because of the high vitamin content.