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Do Ducks Eat Ants? (Useful!)

    Ducks are known to be bugs and insects eater, that one of the many reasons why it’s great to have them in your yard, they will get rid of them and they will be happy to do it, but what about ants?

    Yes, ducks eat ants, they are not different from the other insects that your ducks will come across, given the time they will put an end to any possible ant problem that you may have.

    Do Ducks Eat Fire Ants?

    Fire ants are not pleasant to deal with, their sting can seriously hurt even a human, so you can imagine that they could do some serious damage to ducks.

    Fire ants will eat almost anything and this could be a threat for their ducks, therefore if you notice that they have headed towards a certain area of your yard make sure that your ducks are in another area.

    Yes, of course, your ducks will hunt down and try to eat them too, the problem is that when fire ants feel threatened will attack them, and it’s not uncommon to see it, unfortunately, and the consequences could be messy!

    My suggestion is if your yard is infested with fire ants, then you should call a pest control company to help you with the problem, but if the problem is not that big, then you can proceed to do it on your own. Before that, you better consult an expert to know how to get rid of these ants.

    Do Ducks Eat Carpenter Ants

    Carpenter ants are so called because they are the ones who build tunnels and nests in the walls of your house.

    This type of ant comes out mostly at night, they look like the famous black ant but are bigger in size.

    The problem with carpenter ants is that they could create a mess in your house by chewing through the wood and creating tunnels, but also they can be dangerous to your health since they can carry bacteria or parasites that could lead any person to illness.

    Ducks will eat them, enjoy them and not have any problems in doing it.

    What Bugs Do Ducks Eat?

    Ducks are very helpful in keeping your garden pests away from your plants and flowers. Ducks will help boost up your garden’s productivity as well as its beauty by eating bugs and insects that may harm it.

    There is a variety of bugs that ducks eat; this includes:

    Mayflies: these small aquatic insects are one of the most common items on the list of foods eaten by ducks. They can be easily spotted because they typically fly around during the middle hours between night and dawn.

    Dragonflies: another common food source for ducks is dragonflies, which require a pond or a stream in order to drink or hunt for food.

    Flies: while flies can be annoying to people, they are one of the most common foods which ducks eat. They are found all over the world as they are able to live just about anywhere that people do.

    Mosquitoes: yet again another well known bug that ducks enjoy eating, especially during their breeding season in which mosquitoes are at their peak and cause the most harm.

    June Bugs: another favorite food of ducks is June bugs, which are short, round, and dark in color.

    Crickets: cricket is another popular bug that ducks eat for their protein. They can’t be seen because their color blends in with their surroundings but you can feel them moving around if you put your hand over a crickets’ hiding place.

    Japanese beetle: it is a small, brown insect that is often mistaken for a cricket. It can be found in the spring when it emerges from its winter hibernation.

    Scale insects: this insect can be found on plants and trees and can cause damage to the leaves and branches of plants. It is most often a nuisance to anyone who wants to keep their garden looking attractive by growing plants that are attractive too.

    Grasshoppers: commonly known as crickets or bush crickets because they like to live under bushes in moist environments such as fields, lawns, or gardens. They are also known as cricket jerky because they are sometimes dried out by humans and stored for later consumption by predators. Grasshoppers have been shown to have high protein levels, but not much fat (about 10%).

    What Are The Dangers?

    The danger of eating bugs are the potential parasites that bugs usually carry, like tapeworms, roundworms that will attack their stomach and digestive system.


    Yes, ducks will gladly eat ants, this will help you with your ant problem as they will act as pest control, and them by having a healthy protein rich snack.


    Photo by Kai Dahms on Unsplash

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