Do Ducks Eat Mice? (Is It Dangerous?)

Ducks are omnivorous animals but they are known to consume primarily vegetables, grains, fruits and insects.

Not everyone knows that in fact ducks, can eat also small animals like frogs, snakes and rodents, so yes, ducks do eat mice, it’s not uncommon to see them hunting down, kill and eat the small rodent.

Is Eating Mice Dangerous Dor Ducks?

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Mice are known to be dangerous animals due to the fact that many of them carry harmful bacteria and viruses, however, it is not certain that the animal will get the diseases.

Generally speaking, ducks eat mice as part of their normal diet, but if you notice a mice infestation in your garden or pond, it’s better not count exclusively on your ducks to take care of the problem, you’d be much better off consulting with a wildlife control company so that you can remove these pests from your domain.

Do Ducks Eat Rats?

It is very unlikely to see ducks eating bigger rodents like rats, for example, I’ve never seen it, due to the bigger size, but I will not exclude that a group of ducks could hunt one and share it.

How Do I Keep Mice Out Of My Duck Coop?

Having the small rodent infiltrate the Duck coop is unfortunately an event that sooner or later will likely happen.

You can combat this problem using these solutions:

  • Keep the place as clean as possible! don’t give them a chance to hide and nest.
  • Use professional rat removal products
  • Set up traps, you can find these traps in different versions. low voltage and spring-loaded variants are more effective, those that use vibration to bring the mice attracted in the fascicle and then the recaught rodent by creating an impression with one of its feet in the trigger level so that keeps it wanting to repeated approaches. keep the area free of furniture (beds, sofas, and of course, drakes).
  • If the problem persists, call a professional pest control company to guarantee the exclusion of the rodents from your property!

Ducks as Pest Control

Ducks are exceptional natural pest control. They will consume any unwanted plant or insect infestation that you might have in your garden.

They have an incredible sense of smell and they can crawl in the soil and find any insects that are hidden there. Ducks will search for these bugs with their eyes closed as well as with their ears up and they can sniff out any insect hiding in your garden.

Unlike other pets that would leave a visible trail for pests to follow, ducks will not leave a trail of evidence behind them, which means that you need to put in some extra effort when you are trying to find them some slugs or any other small creatures.

Ducks will eat the infestation that has been found on your plants or in your garden as well as the eggs of certain insects so this method also works great for pest control.

What Bugs Do Ducks Eat?

Keeping your garden free of pests is a challenging task. The best way to do this, however, is by getting ducks! Ducks will eat all bugs and insects that may harm your plants or flowers in the garden. They can also help boost up productivity as well as beauty for any living space you have out there with their feeding habits!

Mayflies: these small aquatic insects are one of the most common items on the list of foods eaten by ducks. They can be easily spotted because they typically fly around during the middle hours between night and dawn.

Dragonflies: another common food source for ducks is dragonflies, which require a pond or a stream in order to drink or hunt for food.

Flies: while flies can be annoying to people, they are one of the most common foods which ducks eat. They are found all over the world as it is possible that they live just about anywhere where humans do also).

Mosquitoes: yet again another well known bug that duck enjoys eating, especially during its breeding season in which mosquitoes come at their peak and cause damage.

June bugs: another favorite food of ducks is June bugs, which are short, round and dark in color.

Crickets: crickets are also popular for the protein they provide to ducks. They can’t be seen because their color blends in with its surroundings but you can feel them moving around if you put your hand over a cricket’s hiding place.

Grasshoppers are commonly known as crickets or bush crickets because they like to live under bushes in moist environments such as fields, lawns, or gardens. Grasshoppers have high levels of protein but not much fat.

In Summary

Ducks eat mice regularly, it is not their favourite meal, and shouldn’t be, but it is part of their natural diet. Ducks are voracious, greedy eaters.

They are considered to be a great natural pest control by eating not only mice but also insects, snakes, small rodents and even frogs, which makes them essential for farmers and gardeners.


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