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Do Pigs Have Eyebrows? (Interesting Facts)

Do pigs have eyebrows? No, they don’t.

The purpose of eyebrows is not only to make a face look expressive but also to protect the eyes from sweat and other things.

Pigs are covered with hair all over their bodies. The hair on their heads is very thick and thick enough to protect the pig’s eyes from external things.

Why Do We Have Eyebrows?

Eyebrows are there for a very specific biological reason. They are important in protecting the eyes from sweat and water that is released from the body, or from foreign objects or toxic chemicals that may be in the air. The eyebrows also help keep debris and dirt out of your eyes. They are able to do this due to the fact that they are located above the eyelids which are closed when you blink.

So, eyebrows are a very necessary part of the human anatomy. They keep our eyes clean, safe and protected. Without eyebrows, we would have a very difficult time seeing. The eyebrows are dark in color so they can help protect your eyes from dust and light.

They are also a great way to show emotion, which is another reason why they are an essential feature on the human face. With eyebrows, we are able to convey emotions and moods that can be seen by others in a more efficient way.

Do Pigs Have Eyebrows?

No, pigs don’t have eyebrows. The reason is that they simply don’t need them, they have a dense fur coat that can easily keep protected their eyes from filth and other things that could cause discomfort.

This does not mean that pigs don’t have facial expressions, however; their expressions would be very difficult for us to see since their facial region is fairly larger than ours.

Do Pigs Have Eyelashes?

Photo by Kameron Kincade on Unsplash

Pigs do have eyelashes! Their eyelashes still have the same properties as ours, but they are not very visible due to their coat and fur.

The purpose of eyelashes is to protect the eyeball from irritation, dust and debris. They also help prevent water loss by trapping moisture and keeping it in the eyes.

Pigs have much longer eyelashes than us. They will have eyelashes that are up to three inches long compared to our eyelashes which only grow up to one inch long. While this might seem like a fairly small difference, it is actually quite significant when you think about how much fur pigs have covering their eyes.


We understood that pigs do not have eyebrows and the reasons why they don’t is due to them being covered by their thick fur and coat. But they do have eyelashes, even if they can be hard to see.

So, they are perfectly safeguarded against anything entering their eyes without a barrier, due to their impeccable design.