Do Quails Eat Ants? (Great Benefits!)

Quails are considered great natural predators of ants. The quail will be seen burrowing its beak in the ground to make a small hole where the ants live. When an ant passes through the hole, the quail will bite it off and eat it.

These birds consume a high number of insects daily. The quail is considered one of the most effective predators against ants. The quail will eat all of the ants before moving on to another nesting area.

Health Benefits Of Eating Ants For Quails

Photo by Ali Mucci on Unsplash

Ants are insects that have a bitter off-taste to them. They live in colonies and they have their own naturals predators. These are spread out in different locations around the world and can be found on footpaths, lawns, beaches and gardens.

There are approximately 12 000 species of ants that exist today and most of them usually feed on sweet foods including fruits and other honeydew sources. The ants are important for the quails to eat because they contain a wide variety of nutrients that benefit the bird’s health in many ways.

There is an enzyme in ants that helps in breaking down proteins into amino acids which can then be used for cell repair after the quails consume it. This is particularly useful when quail chicks consume it because this enables them to grow at a fast rate as well as eliminating possible toxins from the body caused by eating insects eaten by their mother before hatching.

Ants also contain vitamin B1 which is essential for quails because this can help regulate their metabolism rates while keeping inflammation levels low within the body. Another nutrient that gets absorbed into the body when consuming ants are fatty acids which include linoleic acid, zinc, selenium, cobalt and copper.

They also contain amino acids useful in many body processes such as muscle development, mental functioning and the growth of various organs within the body. Ants are also an excellent source of calcium which is needed in the formation and maintenance of eggshells which can improve the chances of a quail hatchling to survive. Magnesium within ants also helps in strengthening bones, skeletal muscles and also helps in improving their immune system.

Aside from ants there is another type of insect that quails like eating which are termites and damselflies. Termites have a high content of high-fatty acids which makes them tasty for quails to eat. The most important thing about termites for quail chicks is that it boosts their immune system making it stronger than other younger birds including other chicken breeds.

What Insects Do Quails Eat?

Insects make up a large part of a quail’s diet that they have to eat daily because they are rich in protein. The most common insects that a quail likes to eat would be ants, termites and damselflies.

Apart from the common insects that you can find in your garden or backyard even some of the more difficult to find insects are also eaten by quails. Insects like moths, caterpillars and grubs are all tasty treats for your pets quail.

Grasshoppers And Mayflies Are Tasty Treats For Quails

Of course you will have to catch them first before feeding them to your pet birds because it is likely that you won’t be able to see grasshoppers and mayflies from the palm of your hands easily especially at night but if you do see them in the daylight it will be easier for you to place a trap so that you can catch them with ease.

Quails As Pest Control

Quails, just like other poultry, are considered great natural pest control. They eat insects, snails, and even small rodents. It has been proven that quails can control the population of ticks, slugs, and snails.

So, if you have a problem with ticks in your garden or your backyard, having quails can solve it for you. Quails are the best choice for people who have problems with insects in their garden.

Also, adding a few quails to your garden can help you control the population of snails and slugs. They are a great tool for organic gardening fans!


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